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The Lost Tapes of History

Jun 8, 2021

The date is January 1642. Abraham Van Der Doort, Surveyor of the King's Pictures, catalogued the King's art collection 3 years before. Someone has taken over his job. 

The Lost Tapes of History was created and written by Kerrie Fuller.

Charles I: Alain English - – T: @AlainEnglish1

Evaluator: Reme Hannan - - T: @remehannan

Narrator: Fraser Fraser - – T: @fraserfraser123

Intro/Outro: Becky Reader

Sound effects from Opening Theme Music: TheTunk; Closing Theme Music: Nuria1512; Other effects: amholma; dineomichelle; AldebaranCW; LanDub.

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Sound Disclaimer: The Lost Tapes of History was recorded remotely during lockdown in late 2020. As such, the actors used what equipment they had available and were limited by their location. This has resulted in variable audio quality although hopefully, it won’t stop your enjoyment of the podcast.